"Terin Miller taught me something about secrets and sickness and the darkness that can strangle families when I commissioned him to write about Edgar Allan Poe a few years ago. With his new book - Sympathy for the Devil - Miller instructs us all ..."  - Rafael Alvarez, author, "Tales from the Holy Land."

Awarded 'honorable mention' in the 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival in the General Fiction category.

A new thriller set in the Texas Panhandle

When journalist Charles Lawton finds a cartridge case from an M16-A1 assault rifle near a desiccated body in the Texas Panhandle, he knows he is on to a front- page story – but as he investigates, he finds himself drawn into the murky politics and casual indifference to the death of a rural community and its corrupt police. When the murder is hung on a conveniently dead suspect, Lawton realizes that no-one really wants to know the truth, but his growing intimacy with the victim’s widow leaves him with little option other than to continue with his investigation and bring about some sort of justice.

This beautifully written and atmospheric murder mystery, by journalist and writer Terin Miller, evokes the world of the Vietnam veteran and causal racism in Texas during the 1980s in a remarkable example of the genre.

The author

Born in St Louis, Missouri, and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and several provinces in India, Terin Miller currently lives in New Jersey. The author of two previously published novels, From Where the Rivers Come and Down the Low Road, Sympathy for the Devil is his first thriller.

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Technical Information:

PDF, ePub and Mobi eBook formats Pages: 123 (nominal)

ISBN: 978-2-930583-32-7 (PDF)

          978-2-930583-33-4 (ePub)

          978-2-930583-34-1 (Mobi)

Publication Date: 24 May 2013

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